We Are Moving!

Back in May we posted that we were in search of some land to start a permaculture farm. At the time we were debating on whether to purchase a farm, lease land, or just let God lead us to the land that She had for us. We received calls, emails, and texts of so many people praying that the next best thing would happen. Just three months later, the doors opened for us to pursue an opportunity to start a farm in Kingston Springs, Tennessee. The farm is about 25 minutes outside of Nashville. After working through a lot of logistics we are set to move in March 2018! We are looking forward to sharing more details with you as they come but for now we’d love to take the opportunity to reflect on our time in the city in the Chestnut Hill Neighborhood.



Though we have long sought after the right opportunity to take the next step in fulfilling our call to tend and keep the land, we are so sad to leave this tiny apartment and our incredible neighbors. We have shared so much with everyone in the short five years we’ve been here.  We enjoyed learning daily rhythms with the Castanea community, singing together, doing lectio divina, sharing meals, and living in such close proximity.

We’ve had many late night porch hangs smoking pipes, talking about life, Jesus, the environment, social justice issues, and so much more. We are beyond appreciative and pleased with the lifelong friendships we’ve made here in Chestnut Hill. We did our best to advocate for affordable housing in our community, to grow some food in the garden and share it, and get to know the neighborhood kiddos. There are some things that are difficult about apartment living for sure but they are consistently overshadowed by the opportunities to move beyond surface level relationships and into something deeper, more peaceful, and more dignified.

Our first fall in the neighborhood, 2013

Our first fall in the neighborhood, 2013

One of the most fond memories Brittany has is walking circles up and down the hills in 90 degree heat while 9 months pregnant to “walk the baby out”. She felt the spirit of God many times expressing this time is a metaphor for what I am doing in your life. The pregnancy of JPTS, the growing, the waiting, the preparation, and the birth. 2017 felt like a birth year in more ways than one.  So on the day we brought our sweet little baby back to our apartment we sensed it wouldn’t be long until the doors were opened to something new.

This space holds a very very very special place in our hearts and we will absolutely be back to visit (regularly). We are so grateful to everyone in this neighborhood that made it feel like home.

We are also so very grateful to everyone who prayed for us and encouraged us this year! We’d love to keep you posted, so sign up for our newsletter for more updates on the farm!

- Booth & Britt