Our Journey

In 2011 we attended The Salvation Army Mission and Environment Conference in Orlando, where we were first introduced to Environmental Justice. During the conference, we were inundated with information about the state of our planet, and were challenged to consider what we would do with this information. The speakers encouraged us to just take the next best step. Booth processes information creatively, so his one step forward was to write a song called Just Plant The Seed. The song is a lament that tells the story of the state of the environment and how we need to just take the next best step to make the changes that our planet needs. The name, Just Plant the Seed, embodies the challenge we received but also reflects our desire to create a space that helps others take their best next step in farming, creation care, and personal restoration.

Our small step has led us into some not-so-small life changes. After much prayer, we knew that we were called to this work in a full time capacity. This led Booth to Kenya for a summer, then to Nashville where he received his Bachelors degree in Social and Environmental Justice, and then to Vermont for the summer in 2015 where he received his Permaculture Design Certification (PDC).

All of this education and preparation has affirmed that, as followers of Christ, we are uniquely alert to the interconnection of all life. This interconnection has made us acutely aware of the abuse and exploitation of the earth. Over the last six years we have been called to counteract this exploitation by learning, practicing, and teaching regenerative agriculture. We are daily challenged to find ways to make the land better and protect our natural resources for future generations. Here are a few key principles that guide us when we discuss regenerative agriculture:

  • We grow in ways that protects, nurtures, and builds topsoil

  • We do not use genetically modified seeds, pesticides, or herbicides

  • We practice observation-based design. We recognize that the land has a voice. This is a stark contrast to industrial farming practices that tend to be very humancentric, dominating, and only allows for the human voice to be heard

JPTS is currently practicing organic permaculture-inspired farming on a small scale farm in Kingston Springs, TN. As Booth manages West Glow Farm, we continue working towards our dream of growing food and one day providing a Farm that will be a resting place for people and a space of social and agricultural regeneration. Please join us in thought and prayer as we search for this place. We are open and flexible to the location and are trusting that God will continue to open the right doors at the right time!

Our Bios


Booth is the owner/operator of Just Plant the Seed. He currently has a Bachelor's Degree in Social and Environmental Justice and a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) from the University of Vermont. He is passionate about teaching creation care theology and practicing regenerative farming and permaculture design as a way to restore the land. He has had the opportunity to work on both urban and rural production farms and agriculture projects as well as run food waste management programming for a Nashville based non-profit. Currently, he is the Farm Manager of West Glow Farm, a small-scale, naturally grown vegetable and flower operation in Kingston Springs, TN. He could not have imagined a better partner in this work than Brittany! He was born and raised in Atlanta, so he is an avid Atlanta Hawks, Falcons, and Braves fan! 


Brittany found Christ in college and felt called to pursue mission work locally and internationally. This led Brittany to Africa for six months where she first encountered extreme poverty. When she returned, she knew she was called to live life and share God's grace with those who are suffering from a lack of social, spiritual, environmental, and financial resources. After the conference, her next small step was to examine over-consumption and greed in her own life,  so she began taking steps toward minimalism. She has spent the last eight years living, working, and serving in low income communities. She has traveled to eleven countries which constantly furthers her desire for minimalism and an intimate connection to her natural resources. She has a Master's Degree in Social Work and she is currently pursuing a licensure to practice Clinical Social Work with women in recovery from sexual assault and substance abuse. She loves working along side of her partner, Booth, and is excited to continue walking faithfully in her pursuit of Christ.